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    BBS RS: 16x8.5/9

    BBS RS 296 and 024. 16”, 5x112! $2600 + SHIPPING, OBO! Text me at: 205-873-5873. Can be assembled as: F: 16x8.5 ET21 R:16x9 ET22 (OEM) OR F:16x8 ET14 R:16x9.5 ET29. ORIGINAL LIPS, BARRELS, WAFFLES, HEX CAPS. NEW GOLD BOLTS (Originals will be included). NEW LOGO CAPS (Originals will be...
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    WTS OEM LED Tails

    SOLD These were purchased brand new from ECS in January - $400 Shipped. The price is firm, I'm tired of assholes lowballing me and saying these are not legit. OEM LED Tails by falut, on Flickr OEM LED Tails by falut, on Flickr
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    Air Ride Partout (Airlift, Bagyard)

    My local buyer for all this stuff backed out so now it is for sale here. Air Gauges with Gauge Pod, Fittings, and 1/4 Airline - $80 Shipped One of the white needles gets hung up on high pressures for a second or so when airing out, not a big deal though. Gauges and Pod by falut, on Flickr...
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    Falut's s2000 Build

    I wasn't originally going to make one of these but I have a lot of stuff planned for this car so I figured why not. 2003 (ap1), 55k miles, bought it bone stock except for a K&N intake I'm going to go ahead and say that this car is an absolute blast to drive. It has decent power 1st-3rd and can...
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    Creaking Noise

    So I put my car back to stock and now every time I move from a stop, or slow down the car creaks. The sound comes from the front middle of the car, basically underneath and right in front of the shifter. I assumed it was the subframe shifting forward/backward and retorqued the main bolts but I...
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    WTB Stock Catback and Driver Side Cubby

    As the title states, I need a stock catback hopefully somewhat local. I don't want to pay $100 in shipping. As far as the cubby goes, I need this thing. But the OEM one, so no drawer
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    A Farewell

    It's time for me to say good bye to my GTI. While I have loved this car and learned so much from it I've had an overwhelming urge to move onto something new for a while. I will be going a completely different direction with my next car, it's time for me to build something that I can drive hard...
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    Part Out

    I'm sorry to say but I'm parting out my GTI and I'm going to move on to something new. As much as I love this car I want something new. I'm already set on a car and have been wanting one for a while now, so I'm just going to go ahead and do it. All the parts are still on the car but will be...
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    WTB OEM GTI Upper Grille

    Bought one
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    SoWo 2013 Pictures

    To keep there from being tons of threads, everyone post all your SoWo pics here! Post what you got, cell phone pics and video are good too e46 by falut, on Flickr They 'mirin by falut, on Flickr Heli Pad 2 by falut, on Flickr Heli Pad 1 by falut, on Flickr Derek 3 by falut, on Flickr...
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    SPM Street Catback Review

    Today I installed a non-resonated SPM Street Catback on my car, and the first thing I want to say is: The build quality of this exhaust is the highest I have ever seen. All of the welds are absolutely beautiful and the finish on the exhaust is pristine. The tips are polished to a perfect...
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    WTB OEM LED Tails

    WTB OEM LED Tails and Euro Light Switch Got a set.
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    WTB: Jetta Chrome Grille Set

    Found a set.
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    Official Raycekor

    Auto crossed for the first time today and it was very enjoyable. Everyone including me was skeptical about the whole idea but the car actually did very well. The biggest problem was traction RACE CAR by falut, on Flickr RACE CAR 2 by falut, on Flickr RACE CAR 3 by falut, on Flickr...
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    APR BBQ 2012

    First time going and it was pretty sweet. And I got to meet some cool people too. Mirror Shot by falut, on Flickr Dave's MK6 by falut, on Flickr Will's MKIV by falut, on Flickr .:Ruined by falut, on Flickr Max just couldn't wait to get to the show and went full raycecor and had a...