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    Eurocars build thread

    Max's car ran for a little while but now its back under the knife for some more goodies
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    Eurocars build thread

    Thanks man. Took some pics this evening, I’ll post up after editing
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    Eurocars build thread

    Hi Mark
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    Eurocars build thread

    The holes are already behind the fenders, i just added grommets for the wires. There are two 12 pin Deutsch connectors on the interior side
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    Eurocars build thread

    Figured it out, didn’t add resistors in for the DV/WG solenoid when i built the new harness. Added wires back in for them, boost is back
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    Eurocars build thread

    Have the driveshafts and it runs/drives, but its in some sort of limp mode. At 100% throttle on the pedal, throttle body only opens max 30% when the engine is running. I can re-adapt it and it will go to 100% with the engine off, but it goes back to limp mode once its running again. Cheched the...
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    Custom parts interest

    I dont offer them anymore
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    The Golfmk OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 11)

    My account just started working again, I was about to give up on the site completely
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    Eurocars build thread

    Finally just got my account back, it was not working earlier for some reason. Not many updates since last time, too cold to drive it. Fried of mine picked up a 944 recently and is planning to 07K swap it so we've been working on that.
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    FS: Brembo 17Z calipers $250 + ship

    SOLD Used Brembo calipers in good condition. Could use cosmetic refinishing. Pair with MK4 R brake lines, 17Z bolt kit and Mercedes rotors for a BBK on the cheap. $250 plus shipping, Firm
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    FS: Brembo 17Z calipers

    SOLD Used Brembo calipers, bolt on a MKV/MK6 with different bolts, MK4 R32 lines and Mercedes rotors. Inexpensive BBK upgrade. $300 plus shipping. Can rebuild/refinish for extra
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    FS: Eurodyne Boost Manager Methanol Kit

    SOLD Brand new, never installed Eurodyne BM+ kit with methanol pump. $500 +shipping. Retails for $700
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    FS: Tial MVS wastegate

    Sold 38mm wastegate, only used for 1k miles, comes with all hardware. 200+ shipping