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  • hi there.

    Can you send me the pic's of removing Golf V rear bumper?

    On the treath there is no pics.

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    heyyy sorry i didnt get backto you... there was a crazy fire right by my house so i had a bout a week of being not allowd in my home.... anyways if you are still willing to trade parts i think id just want your tals and front emblem if its okay. i kow ur trying to go back to stock but my dub is black and the white would prob clash :)
    lemm know thnksss
    yeah for fore sure id be willing to come down there :) where abouts u at? liek you think u can flow me liek 10- 20 bucks for gas im real short on money these days but yeah im definetly down :) ohh this makes me excited, im amped on your love your car right now
    Hey man,

    Got the lowers group painting going again. Picking up parts next week, I can drop yours off. Let me know. Price is $280.00
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