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    FS: RNS315

    Pulled out of a 2013 Drivers Edition. Comes with GPS antenna and code. Looking for $300 plus shipping.
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    ErBall's Thunderbunny Build log

    Well I guess this has been a long time coming. I've been trolling here for a few years and chiming in once in a great while. I'll start from the beginning. I've had a few VW's over the years. Including a mk3 vr6, mk4 24v, mkv Jetta Package 3, and now my MKV Thunderbunny. Now first things...
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    this dragon

    Knows what's up...
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    DIY: TSI Timing Chain Tensioner Update

    Here is a simple DIY for updating your timing chain tensioner. This was done over the course of an afternoon with both myself and Eurocars. I would not recommend doing this job without the factory tool to hold the cranckshaft (necessary to remove the crankshaft bolt), or a 1/2 impact gun...
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    noob wheel spacer questions

    Hey guys, I'm finally tackling my suspension and wheel combination, and I've decided I'm going to stick with my stock wheels for the time being. They are VW Orca's with the following specs: Wheel diameter (in.): 17 Wheel width (in.): 7 Wheel offset (mm): 50 Wheel lug pattern (mm): 5x112...
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    Drag racing DSG w/o Launch control

    So i have an 06 jetta 2.0t w/ DSG that doens't have launch control. I'm apparently going to be going to the local 1/4 mile track for a few runs, (friends dragging me along). What is the best method of actually launching this thing w/o launch control. Just hammer the throttle when the light...
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    Quick Noise pipe question

    I recently purchased a bone-stock 06 jetta 2.0t. I've done a few quick things to it, tune, dp, mounts. I've never really taken the time to notice, but I don't have a noise pipe in this thing. Do some FSI MKV's just not come with it? If i had it I would remove it anyways, but still. I thought...
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    Catch-can winter concerns....

    Hello everyone. If this has been discussed ad nausea i apologize, I have searched to no real avail. I'm mulling over the idea of doing a catch can vs. just doing a revised pcv setup (bsh setup). I've heard multiple times about issues regarding colder climates and the issues that can result...
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    Orca 2 piece wheels?

    My GLI came with 17" Orca wheels. Come to find out that these are true 2 piece wheels from VW, or at least that is what I'm being told. Long and the short of it is my car is being built up around the OEM + mantra, and prefer to use only VW OEM parts in my car. Well that and I've grown attached...