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    FS: Lightweight Forged 16x7 wheels

    I no longer have the car I bought these wheels for, so I'm selling them. They are a great set of track wheels for someone looking to run 16's. They're very light and are forged. Quantity: 4 Wheel: Motegi Traklite Color: black Size: 16x7 Bolt pattern: 5x114 (comes with 19 wobble bolts to fit...
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    FS: HPA SHS Coilovers for MK5

    Sold! Sold!
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    Spring sound from rear

    I just finished installing new springs and struts in the rear and I'm hearing some kind of spring bending or creaking sound. Does anybody have any ideas what this could be? Could it be something was installed incorrectly?
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    FS: Whiteline Anti-lift Kit (WALK) $200 shipped!

    FS: Whiteline Anti-lift Kit (WALK) $185 shipped! SOLD!