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    The FED is back!!!

    Reports of his death have been greatly exaggerated.
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    The FED is back!!!

    Including The Fed it seems, if he failed to chime in on the discussion of his possible demise.
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    No base Golf?

    Exactly, it's such a missed opportunity.
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    No base Golf?

    Hatchback utility can be a tremendous quality of people were made aware of it.
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    No base Golf?

    I believe VW misses and ignores a tremendous opportunity to actually ADVERTISE these cars her in the US and show off their room, utility and fuel economy. Help to make the buying public aware that the interior and cargo room of these vehicles is quite amazing and steer them away from SUV's...
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    So Do All You SD's Know Where the Plaid Interior Originated?

    I'm 55, and remember when plaid seats were in the Triumph TR7. So there's that British connection. I never liked plaid - even as a teenager back then - but I did like them in the TR7. I like them in the GTI as well. My MK6 had them, my MK7 as an SE doesn't.
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    What music do you listen to??

    Anything but hip hop or rap. I just can't with that stuff. I'm primarily a classic rock/metal guy - Zeppelin, The Who, Rush, Yes, Kansas, Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Scorpions and so on. But I'll listen to blues, jazz, classical sometimes, and lately I've been playing the mellow 70's...
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    OG GTi - 1984 Rabbit GTi

    I'm old enough to remember that car well. A friend of mine had a 76 or 77 Scirocco.
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    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    Clarkson is Top Gear. There is no Top Gear without him.
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    New Civic Type R

    Comes ricered out direct from the factory. Could they have found the space to add another vent, scoop, flare, or aero extension? And, are blacked out central grills not done to death? I have nothing against Honda, they build very good cars and between my wife and I we had a couple. I loved the...
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    The Bruce?

    You should have seen how badly things occasionally got on the MK6 forums. What The Bruce said is nothing.
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    The Bruce?

    I find nothing wrong with what The Bruce said there.
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    The Bruce?

    The Bruce has made statements where he alluded that English may not have been his first language. This may explain how he came off to some people. It may explain his directness. If so, it should be taken into consideration.
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    The Bruce?

    Without a doubt.