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    Subframe locking collars - TyrolSport vs ECS

    Ive used both. Different materials. Currently have the ECS kit with no issues.
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    Water in spare tire well

    Pulling the bumper isn’t difficult. This is what I used first time. FYI, I thought I had same issue, but my leak was from the sunroof drain connection. It would run along the headliner and down...
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    Remote start in a 6MT?

    Thanks for that link! Does the loader still work? Saw your last post about “lite” accts. If so, I’d be all over this. Found a place to do it, but I’d much rather do this myself than pay someone to butcher wiring everywhere.
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    Failed cam follower, no VCDS codes?

    Replaced my friends cam follower Cam didn’t look gouged too bad. No CEL, no fuel related codes. I would think there would be codes if the HPFP was damaged? Car dies when dropping to idle after a pull. Replaced thrust sensor, n80. Checking DV tomorrow. Car idles rougher when dip stick is...
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    No cruise control speed reading, even when activated?

    Still working fine. But the display showing the set speed no longer reads correctly, always set to zero. Already scanned, no relevant codes.
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    Ultra Lows and Koni Yellows

    Need a replacement for my rear shocks for my H&R Ultra Lows. Anyone have experience pairing the springs with Koni Yellows?
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    First VCDS data log- now what?

    2009 GTI. Not tuned (yet). Engine replaced 5k miles ago. Looking to verify everything is running properly before tuning. Only did 4 parameters this time. This guide says to do 5 runs with 12 parameters each. I assume that's overkill for my...
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    Rear toe link bolts/torque specs

    Are they stretch bolts/need to be replaced? I read somewhere that if it has a torque value and then + Degrees, it is. I've found 2 separate install instructions for aftermarket parts. One has a regular torque number, another has a torque number + 90 degrees. I'll be installing OEM parts...
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    Extra wire from fog light/side marker harness?

    What's this for? Appears to be for a factory option I don't have.
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    WTB: broken/defective LED GTI tails for parts

    Shipped to 08872 NJ.
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    Mk5 rabbit mesh grill

    Anyone have one of these they don't want? Near 08872 NJ. Thanks!
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    This forum is almost dead

    Awesome. Thanks for the info.
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    This forum is almost dead

    I read people swap them because of concern about water freezing and blocking the flow.
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    This forum is almost dead

    Speaking of used PCVs, I replaced mine last year. Swapped it for a catch can a few months ago. Going back to PCV for the winter. Should I buy a new one, or reuse the old one? Only a few months of use, but I already had to replace the rear main seal. Definitely want to avoid that again.