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    Total was about 150 vehicles involved. Many people don't even know snow tires exist, so there are only a few that have them. Also many people have tires with very low tread and bald tires. The majority of the general population doesn't really think about tires unless pointed out by someone or at...
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    FML I backed into a pole

    Why would you buy a new bumper? Unless the clips are broken, the one he has is perfectly fine. It looks like it just needs to be popped back in its place. The majority of the marks also look like they could be buffed off, and only the black ones would be visible and they can be filled with...
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    Go ahead... take the humanity out of driving.

    They are helpful BUT they won't help the drivers that actually cause the accidents. With backup cameras, the drivers only focus on the monitor and don't look at how close they are to the cars next to them, possibly hitting a car with their front end when backing out of a spot. Also it won't help...
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    strange paint marks...

    Doesn't look like paint from the picture, have you tried scraping it with your finger nail? Try to use some goo gone to clean it off, or clay the affected areas.
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    I'm back from the Navy, and earlier than I wanted to be...

    I've heard that Werner Enterprises has a good training program. Also, you will not make a lot of money fresh out of trucking school and with your first companies. The money comes as you gain experience. None of this advice is first-hand, it's just what I've heard from people in the industry...
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    Buff Out?

    :bellyroll: That thread is legendary.
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    OMG 2014 JEEP Cherokee

    Is this where the world is going?
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    New Trend: Gallon smash prank

    Well, what else did they expect. I actually found this funny, but after thinking about the wasted milk and juice, a little bit of display damage, and the amount of clean up the store workers had to do, they deserve it.
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    Well I don't smoke, but I convinced my dad to at least start smoking E-cigs. Bought him a Blu disposable "Classic Tobaco" cig. He tried it and loved it. After doing some research I got him a 78mm "Volt" battery from Smokeless Image. He tried a sampler of their tobacco flavors and didn't like it...
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    Sweet stance bro!

    :clap: It was bound to happen.
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    NFL Thread-trash talk away

    How about them Detroit Lions???:clap: I'm really starting to get sick of watching them blow game, after game, after game... :mad: But I am a very loyal fan, perhaps too loyal:cry:
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    Depeche mode + MKVII

    The MKVII is slowly growing on me.
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    Gotta love retarded Williamsburg hipsters

    If they want to be in tune with nature, they should go live in a tree house in the middle of the woods.