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    Hawk DTC-60 track pads Front, HPS track/street Rear

    Sold my GTI. Getting rid of parts. This is a brand new set of Hawk DTC-60 front brake pads for track use. The rears are also brand new and are Hawk HPS which you can run on the track or street. $130 for all. That's 1/2 price of a new set. Located in Williams Bay, Wi, 53191 or I will ship.
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    Geneva Lake area Wisconsin

    Just moved to the Geneva Lake area from Houston. Are there any other MkV people in the area?
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    2007 VW GTI 6-speed manual Houston, Tx

    2007 Volkswagen GTI For Sale - Kingwood, Texas (Houston) 319--610--6777text or call $7,500 or offer. Need to sell - moving out of state. 144,000 miles. This is a 6-speed manual transmission, United Gray with plaid interior car with bi-Xenon headlights with new bulbs. Exterior has some normal...
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    DmfRacer daily driver and track car log - let's have some fun

    I'm just following my muse. I'm not really sure how I've ended up in this place. But I do know what I like, and what I like is variety. It is like being able to date whoever you want, whenever you want without the pressure of having to find the perfect girl and settle down. You get to remain the...