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    The wife got a countryman

    That makes sense then, I HATE stating all the way over at AC/DC when I want to pick a new artist. Still, it's not a big deal to me personally, I usually leave it on random all the time (although I sometimes skip a dozen tracks lol) Thanks for the info guys
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    The wife got a countryman

    Explain more about how bluetooth and iPod support is superior
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    MTM R8 Biturbo

    That looks so awesome. Not a lot of cars could pull this off, but it's unique and killer
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    Saw a Mini Cooper Countryman - HE BIG!

    We should market to the small car and big car people at the same time! Brilliant!
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    Trance/House/Techno/Dubstep/Drum N bass/ ETC Thread

    hey check out my friend Andrew Wick-it the Instigator He recently got signed and has been doing a lot of work with Big Boi and the Autotune the news guys...we're all really happy for him and I love his big boi/ black keys mashup album. Thanks
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    Trance/House/Techno/Dubstep/Drum N bass/ ETC Thread

    ghosts and stuff single best shit to come around in forever... saw that man at bonnaroo and have never been happier... and i kinda remember making out with this hottie that had glowy shit... Deadmau5 4ever
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    Two off topic questions: What is the name of this movie? What do you use?

    I know they only have one intended use...but dousches work wonders
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    Hello and welcome. Introduce yourselves here

    :thumbsup:^ murdermode...almost
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    High Gas prices

    Electric cars seem to not be the answer to me, know how much of our nation's electricity is produced by...gas? Yeah, a lot... now if we turned to nuclear power we'd be heading in the right direction and electric cars would be better imo.
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    High Gas prices

    Oxymoronic, isn't it?
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    From Chicago to Los Angeles

    man that's some tough luck - sorry to hear that, was hoing you'd be posting pics of the west coast
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    High Gas prices

    I wonder though what premiuim prices will be. It used to be that 90 was 10cents more than reg, and 93 was an extra 10cents more (at least in TN). That's not the case anymore, premium is around 35cents extra - Makes me wonder if premium will be 6+ this summer.
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    High Gas prices

    Paid 3.90 for 93 the other night...I wept. The only thing that could make me feel better was flying down country roads. It's like being depressed because you eat, then eating because you're depressed
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    The Question Game

    Aint that the craziest thing ya ever did see?
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    iPad 2 Coming March 11

    I'm not a hater or a fan. I like the ipod, that's about all apple makes that I really want. If the ipad was just a kindle with a removable ipod inside i'd buy the shit out of it though. Oh i'd buy it so hard.