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    17x9 Enkei RPF1 et 45 5x114.3

    Hey guys, Gotta sell my wheels to free up some money for a new car poor rabbit is no more. Anyways, up for sale is a set of 4 Enkei RPF1s 17x9 et45 wrapped with 255/40/17 hankook R-S3 rubber. They were repainted gt3 rs green at the end of the 2014 season so they only really spent the 2015...
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    WTB: Single or pair Flik FTD

    As the title says I'm looking for a single or pair of Flik FTD's after an unfortunate incident with a sippery (black ice maybe) road and a curb. Please let me know if you have any and what shipping is going to look like. I'm up in the great white north. Toronto. Thanks Derek
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    WTB Flik FTD Center Caps

    As the title states, I'm looking for a set of flik FTD center caps. Color or condition isn't that important because they will be refinished.
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    A deal on kicker audio.

    Ok guys, heres the deal. A friend of mine works at kicker and owes me money. He cant give me any cash but he can give me some kicker gear. If anyone is interested in building a stereo i could get you a sick deal on some kicker stuff. Id be willing to trade too, looking for coilovers, a cat back...
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    Hey guys, ive been checking out the site for a while. I stumbled uppon some info today that i thought would be worth sharing. Ive found that most if not all canadian VW dealerships use Castrol for oil changes. Today i found that castrol is made from BP oil. I for one will never use castrol oil...