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    Bill de Blasio, the new Mayor of New York City

    what is your sales tax and income tax brackets? 13% sales tax in ontario, and 45% income tax above CAD$80k IIRC
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    POHL - Wings, boneless or bone in?

    bone plz. boneless are processed chicken! (most of the time)
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    Funny Audi Comic RE: Avant models, etc. (Troy, click here)

    How well did the M5 wagon do e60? How well did the e55 amg / e63 amg wagon do? Wagon's with power don't do well here. Look at the CTS-V wagon, selling 1/100 of the regular CTS's. Not worth it in terms of BUSINESS
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    Bought a gaytronic crossover this weekend

    QFT. Just cause the car is cheap, don't mean you can afford to fix the problems.. which there will be with that engine.
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    iRacing for PC? Pretty good game. Very good simulator. I just torrented F1 2013 and playing that for free is better :)
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    Grand Theft Auto 5

    ^ So you think shooting would have solved the problem? 1 dead or couple injured. Make your choice. SMH
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    iOS 7- Love It or Hate It?

    my iphone 4s is slow as balls now
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    Mayweather vs Guerrero

    you can stream it on firstrowsports
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    2014 Lexus IS!

    i like the grill more than those atrocious taillights
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    Gallardo & Viper!

    Saw these 2 driving on the way to school, decided to follow lol Gallardo driver was cool, viper was 'stuck up'. They had both rented the car's from an exotic car shop in the area. GtueNNq9gKE
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    Golden Bay

    Sexy interior
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    What car is this?

    Saw this car this evening while on vacation in St Petersburg, FL Any idea what this car is? (sick plate btw) Also saw this lamborghini superleggera (not a fan of the wheels) but had the loudest exhaust iv heard, straight piped for sure!
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    Rabbit and Golf R

    My buddy just picked up his Golf R (APR stage 1 already) n we decided to snap a pic!