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    Conical seat wheel bolt length.

    2 months ago I purchased a set of Alzor 050 Wheels 18X8, and also purchased 20 conical seat wheel bolts. The person I spoke to on ECS suggested 14x1.5x33mm size wheel bolts, I am not running any spacers. I wanted to purchase 4 conical seat wheel locks, and another person on ECS suggested...
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    [FS]Stock Denver 17" Wheels $60

    80k miles on them, no TPMS on them, tires included. Extremecontact DWS 225/45/17 but they are very worn with little life left in them. Curb rash on all 4 wheels, 2 are bad but the other 2 I would rate a 6/10. Good news, $60 bucks for all, must pickup local. Nassau County, New York...
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    18X8 Wheels

    Driving a 2008 FSI MKV GTI. Currently on Bilstein PSS coils all the way down which I believe is a 1.8-2.0" drop? I need new tires on my car and now I want to get rid of my wheels as well due to curb rash and the fact that one has a slight bend in it. I will be purchasing extremeconact dws06...
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    FS: Koni Orange Struts and Shocks + H&R Sport Springs

    Selling Koni Orange Shocks and Struts along with H&R Sport Springs. The springs part number is 54752 which is the revised version that doesn't give the car rake. The Koni part number is 8750-1005 for the front and 8050-1006 for the rear. The rear shocks are brand new and in box. The front...