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    RS3 coming to the America

    Ding Ding Ding :thumbsup:
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    RS3 coming to the America

    Perhaps the only way to have that engine in a VW car is that Audi drops it at some point in time or the whole company burns down :D , the VW/ Audi / Porsche, etc relation protects any cannibalism of sales bet. their models. Best example is the lack on sunroof on the MK7 R However you can find it...
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    New addition

    Awesome car Jinxster, congrats! :thumbsup:
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    Honda Civic R

    I’m trying to avoid its hideous back & concentrate looking at all the performance tweaks that we all ever wanted in our Golfs. Functional as funk unfortunately way too visible for our “German”taste. I never like Honda, but this Type R in white looks good but that stupid wing and those 3 pipes...
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    As long as this car comes 4 motion with a gas turbo engine, I’m fine with that ( I can forgive VW for the hideous color). VW should have done that set up centuries ago with the gens of the CC.
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    Moving to Japan, car suggestions?

    R34 Skyline, good investment, the real Godzilla! Type R NSX, if you wanna a Civic, just move to L.A If you still are Euro fan there, get a Scirocco R Don’t forget the radiation suit. :thumbsup:
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    2013 golf r manual or 2011 s4 dash... Which would you buy?

    If buying for: -Mods: The R, better toy car. -Chill: The S4, at the most tune & that’s it.
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    Very Interesting! :thumbsup:
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    Your toys VW

    I might try to get this one once becomes available, my kids have their Powerwheels GT3 & I'm not allowed to play or tune too much with it.. :) VgNlEbyOFqc Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I see a lot of people...

    Word, proper track instrument. GT-R in the other hand should be consider a weekend toy, way too much to keep it in good shape and trash it daily. The local trend I see right now is the 911 Turbo (996-up). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz to host Top Gear reportedly

    Like the idea of Chris & Sabine, not sure about the third guy & his car association or skills behind the wheel. That looks like the debacle's recipe of Top Gear America, finding a funny (the comedian) car doing the job of car journalist / racer.
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    BMW M2 or GT350?

    I take the GT350, because cheaper and definitely a more vocal engine or an used Twin turbo M3, but I'm sure that sucker of the M2 will have an excellent resale value in the future a bit under of the 1M coupe.
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    Here are five performance mods that are utterly useless.

    From Jalopnik. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MK7 VW Golf R vs. B8.5 Audi S4

    From now on I'm only getting DSG cars, don't care so much about three pedals, I want those fractions of a second and maybe more. :) Unless a 911 Turbo 996, but definitely I would take an RS manual over an R manual. Why? -Good price -Another future classic -"The new Evo" -Sunroof, a mundane...
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    Thinking about buying a used 5.0 LX

    If you have space for a shell, then buy it. If you don't keep saving for the house, just because the project can take longer than expected to build the whole car.