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    FS: Airlift XL fronts & SS-5 Rears (w/ d-cups)

    Just got these off my JSW. Just the hardware for sale, I don't have the management, etc. -Airlift XL Fronts -SS-5 Rears (w/ d-cups) Asking $850 OBO. Make me an offer. 305-773-5393 Parts are in Miami, FL.
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    FS: 2009 Jetta Sportwagen - 6MT, TSI

    Up for your gracious consideration: 2009 Jetta Sportwagen SEL - 100k miles. (Original owner, 60% highway, 40% city) Candy white originally, wrapped in Matte Midnight Metallic Blue - Located in Miami, FL. Original owner 2.0t TSI 6MT Charcoal Interior Pano Sunroof Heated Seats/Climate Pkg...
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    Feeler FT/FS: Stern Reverse Face II

    17x8 et42 front 17x9 et44 rear 5x114.3 (wobble bolts) Flat black centers Gloss black lips Gloss black barrels Some rash on one of the lips from the previous owner (not Forge, there was one after them, then me) - I'll get more pictures of this. Small bend on the inner lip but nothing that...
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    Low(ish) Grocery Getter

    Hoping to bag it before Simply Clean 4, but in the meantime, here she is. Just got the Sterns on a few weeks ago, front needs to come down a bit. I like the rear where it is. Excuse the photos, just got a new camera and am still learning how to use it. Any suggestions? Shooting these wheels is...
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    FT: GTI Grill & Lower

    I have a plastidipped GTI grill & the lower grill piece. Looking to trade for a jetta grill and lower so I can get my front end back to stock. Local preferred, I'll trade via mail if someone vouches for you. Pics upon request, e-mail mattferran AT gmail
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    FS: (4) Jetta OEM 17" Wheels - SOFLA PICKUP

    I have these 4, 17" OEM Jetta wheels - not sure of the name. They're not on the car anymore, they've been taking up space in my storage unit and I really just want to get rid of them. Local pickup in Miami/South Florida. I'll drive a reasonable distance to meet. One tire has a nail dead...
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    WTT: Badgless Jetta Grill for Original Jetta grill

    Looking to trade a black badgless jetta grill for a regular unpainted unmolested jetta grill. Trying to get back to basics on the wagon. PM me if you want pics.
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    FS: Jetta Grill, GTI Grill, Jetta Fog Grills (the all black version)

    Ok so I have these two grills and the fog grills for sale. I'll post pictures later this afternoon but I just want to get them out of the back of my car so they're priced to go quickly, I hope. These are only the upper grill pieces, not the lower piece. GTI Grill - Plastidipped Black, White...
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    Best/Favorite iPad 2 cases?

    Picked up an iPad 2. Now I'm sifting through the ungodly amount of cases out there. Anyone have any suggestions or favorites?
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    Terrible news.... They want to outlaw trolling! :laughabove::lol:
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    Identity Festival

    Anyone in the South Florida area going on the 30th? I think I am... Should be a good time. Probably going with a buddy but if any golfmkvers are going maybe we could meet up. :headbang:
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    Quick shot after a wash. Definitely need a change in this setup. I have my eyes on a few sets of wheels but unfortunately the cost of law school has me strapped until post-grad with a legitimate job. I'm thinking some NUEs in my future though. Opinions?
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    FS: VDO Boost Gauge & 42 DD Boost Tap

    This: (picture from 42DD website, but mine is the exact same) and this: and the pod (which has a hole in the back where the fitting ran through) - the gauge works, its just disconnected in this photo. total: $100 + $7 shipping + 3% paypal Strapped for cash so need to move this as quick...
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    Escort 8500; Canon SD600; Jawbone

    Trying to gather some funds for a Road Bike build so... For sale - Prices are OBO + 3% paypal, shipping included. Message me here or e-mail Escort Passport 8500 (Blue) $130 - Occasionally gets the message "Service Needed", but if you shut it off and turn it back on it goes...
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    FS: Casio Pathfinder PAG40

    Just received this watch in a trade for my G-Shock GA-110. Unfortunately, after wearing it twice, I've decided that the watch doesn't suit me. Pictures are the pictures from the trade, as I've literally had it in my possession for little over a week. Watch is in excellent shape...