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    What music do you listen to??

    Absolute 80s. Best decade of music by a long way
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    Took a Benz out for a good drive yesterday !

    Thanks for the comprehensive review, your timing is perfect. In a few months my GTD will be going back and I'm looking for a new company car. Have to admit I was attracted to the A Class as the lease deals are quite good at the moment. I also like the exterior but I couldn't get past the fact...
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    Trailer for the BBC Top Gear series

    Are you getting the new Top Gear now? Its come under a lot of criticism from peopld and press here in the UK. Most I believe is unjustified. Chris Evans is very 'marmite' you either love him or hate him, there is no middle ground. People are confusing their dislike for the person rather than...
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    The Bruce?

    He could at times be somewhat direct...