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    Dogbone/SF Bushing Question

    You'll be fine. Just don't goose it.
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    2008 GTi DSG flywheels

    The LUK variant I found on FCP Euro for the 8P S3 has a part number of 06J105266D. My guess is both flywheels are similar in construction apart from the manufacturer and revision.
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    Odd steering/poor handling

    Not dead, but also not as active as it once was. You said you have a many miles are on the car? Since your problems appeared after changing your springs & struts it could be the nature of the suspension or your alignment. Not sure what the dampening specs are for H&R UL and I...
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    2008 GTi DSG flywheels

    I put a Sachs DSG DMF (06F105266P) in my '07 when the gearbox went out. Appearances alone it's better construction than the early DMFs they used on the FSI. Changed the tone of the engine a bit too. To answer your question about the last letter of the part number, that's typically the...
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    FS: 034 Motorsports Spherical Rear Trailing Arms - NIB

    Never got around to installing these. I took them out of the box for pictures. They have never been used. Asking $400 shipped.
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    Exhaust leak at turbo all of a sudden. 2007 GTI. Common problem?

    It's working harder to build pressure with a leak in the system. If you zoom in on your photo you can actually see the hairline crack.
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    WTB: OEM Catback Exhaust

    A year ago I would've been able to help you out! Good luck!
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    Exhaust leak at turbo all of a sudden. 2007 GTI. Common problem?

    It looks like the hot side is cracked where it's all white/sandy colored. I've been told that area of the K03 is a known weak point after finding out mine was cracked in a similar way once the K04 went on the car.
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    For whom ever has an answer

    Oh and a high flow down pipe. I don't know of any K04 tunes that run with the stock exhaust unless you're going for a modest bump in power.
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    For whom ever has an answer

    If you go K04 you'll also need Golf R injectors, an upgraded HPFP (high pressure fuel pump), and possibly different spark plugs. You should also make sure the engine is, overall, in good running condition. There are a number of tuners that offer K04 tunes for the FSI motor. Best to choose...
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    Going to stage 2?

    There has been a lot of discussion on intakes and how they affect the reading at the MAF. Some say plastic intakes, even aftermarket, read better than those made of metal. For stage 2 tunes, you can run them without an upgraded high pressure fuel pump (HPFP), but depending on the tune(s) Revo...
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    Cracks a d fissures in K03

    My K03 had a crack in the same spot when it got pulled off the car to install a K04 at 112k miles. Was told it's not uncommon for that turbo.
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    P0192 - Short to GND

    Well, rail pressure readings back to normal after a short drive to the store. Will see how long it stays that way.
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    P0192 - Short to GND

    Lol. PolarFIS says my rail pressure is just over 6 bar at idle. A far cry from 40-50 bar. When it cuts, LPFP pressure jumps to 6 bar, then settles down again. When driving today before fully warmed up the car had a hard time doing much beyond 10-20% throttle. Curious if I can baby it to the...