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  1. Brandon

    Night Photos In Perth?

    Hey everyone. Anyone know of any good places to get nice photos of ones car at night? Car parks? Docks? High vantage points? Anything? :thumbsup:
  2. Brandon

    My New .:R32

    Took delivery this mornin' and snapped these pics of my reflex silver mistress: I'm as happy as a pig in shit! :happyanim:
  3. Brandon

    A Little Birdie...

    ...took this picture today: Just 13 more hours! :happyanim:
  4. Brandon

    Advice Please

    Hi everyone. As some of you might know I'm taking delivery of my .:R on Saturday. I am however considering pulling out of the deal because the sales service has been shocking since I signed the OTP. Emails with questions aren't replied to. Hell, even my question about where to transfer the...
  5. Brandon


    Hey everyone, I was going to hijack James' thread but then thought I may as well create a new one. Anyway, I take delivery of my .:R in about 2 weeks so it's time to get insurance sorted. As some of you may know I'm knew to the country so I have no idea of who's good, who's bad and who's ugly...
  6. Brandon

    Wheel ID Please

    Hey guys...can someone with uber pausing abilities and super human eyesight please tell me what wheels are on the silver R32 in this video: Click Me Thanks. :bow:
  7. Brandon

    Where Can I Get This...

    Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone knows where I could get this badge locally (Perth preferrably): I'm not keen on paying $60 for one on eBay. :thumbdown:
  8. Brandon

    3M Paint Protection In Perth

    Hi guys, Anyone in the Perth area know a place that applies the 3M paint protection film or something like it? And while we're at it, anyone got any opinions on the stuff?
  9. Brandon

    .:R32 Availability

    Hi guys, I'm looking into getting an MkV R32 soon and have a couple questions I'm hoping someone can help me with: How much longer will MkV R32 be available? How long does it take an R32 to be delivered after ordering? With the market the way it is how much are dealers moving on their drive...