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    In search of 12mm wheel spacers

    Anyone know of a good site for (4) 12mm wheel spacers? ECS wants ~$80 for a pair wtf :yikes:
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    WTT: Mercedes benz alphards for detroits +cash

    Im looking for someone that is willing to trade my alphards for their mk6 detroits + some cash. The alphards have good front tires but need new rears soon. No huffs, classix, denvers etc. only detroits Will have pics of the alphards soon Preferably someone in FL
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    Last kegger we had with wasWASREDSTRIPES

    He got so shitfaced
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    ITT: Free candy and nudes

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    FS: Airlift XL rear bags and RE5 + D-cups

    As some of you know I got rid of my air ride a few months back. However I still have (2) sets of rear bags left that were never sold. Airlift XL rears with brand new shocks $200 OBO + shipping and Slam Specialties RE-5 bags with dorbritz d-cups $150 OBO + shipping
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    US spec tinted tails

    They OEM US spec tinted tails with LED sidemarkers on each side. Brand NEW in box never been used or even test fitted. Retail for $328 Selling for $250 shipped These are the only pics I could find of them
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    Nitto Neo gens for sale

    All have a good amount of tread left. (2) 215/40/18 Nitto Neo Gens $100 for both (Retail for $130/each) (1) 205/40/18 Nitto Neo Gen $70 (Retails for $118) Will sell all 3 for $150 I'll post some pics later
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    FS: Denvers + Tires

    I bought these about 2 months ago from a local who plastidipped them. All have tires but 2 could be replaced because they're pretty bald All 4 are in good condition underneath the plastidip, only 1 has some slight curb rash. $350 OBO need to sell ASAP so im open to all reasonable offers...
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    Fast Five (Full Movie)

    3nFYd-YsLyo&feature=player_embedded Quality/screen gets better about 5 mins in
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    WTB: Any 5x112 wheels in either 17" or 18" ASAP (So.Fla)

    Im looking to buy any wheels to run on my MKV GTI for the time being. They MUST have tires and be 5x112. Im looking to buy them ASAP. Preferably in the next few days. Not looking to spend more than 350
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    Need help finding this part. Any suggestions??

    Last time I was working on my suspension I managed to mess up the easiest part of the swap and cross thread the bolt that holds the shock in place (I really do not know how I managed to do this). I would really prefer getting this part off of someone with a crashed GTI so I do not have to go...
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    FT/FS Mercedes Benz Alphards

    I want to get rid of my alphards and either trade straight up for something else (with tires) or trade for stocks (with tires) + cash. The alphards have tires and the rears are perfect but the fronts could use new tires especially since one tire has a bubble. There is only curb rash on one tire...
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    Cyber Monday

    Anyone know of some good deals tomorrow?