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    Need help/advice on a Dealer's Body Shop issue....

    Insurance company. Contact them. Let them get the dealer to replace all damaged parts with brand new parts.
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    Karen Mask Rampage

    Wow... how was she not taken in for psychological evaluation?
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    Front plate freedom day!!!

    covid-19 gaaaaaaains
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    What do you miss from your previous car?

    Changed my mind. I miss putting my key into the middle console and when shutting it off locking my gear selector in place with the key pulled out. Saab 9-3.
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    What do you miss from your previous car?

    I do miss the plushness my Saab offered and still slapped some cars around. Bilstein shocks/struts w/ H&R springs.. Chipped to 270HP with res delete; upgraded brakes. Drop the seats and it swallowed cargo with ease.. I should have K04'd ...
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    What was your first car?

    technically it was a '76 Cutlass Supreme my dad gave me....but since it never ran and he never gave me the papers... mine was a 1981 red VW Rabbit. 4 spd...brown interior it was almost a '86 GLH though.....thaaaaat close.
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    This is Racist??

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    Loaded question..What does your screen name mean?

    wish i had a funny story... just comes from jokes as teenagers when some one did something stupid threatened to pull their black card and kick them out the club. Just stuck.
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    2020 'Vette

    Made it square to see the odo/ speedo.... still looks trash but overall I kinda like the look of the car
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    Porsche Heist Commercial

    Yeah not bad
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    Caption contest time!

    " Ha... Wil. E. Coyote didn't have a GLI.... "
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    My GF doesn't coast while driving

    O. M. G. Same with my wife!!!! I'm like why are you so angry all the time.