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    A/C Fan Relay Burnt (please help)

    First off I live in So Florida so yes its hot as hell. Anyways the a/c fan is not turning on at all. The car doesn't over heat but the radiator fan sounds like its going way too fast. I tried to find the relay switch using the manual but there is no diagram for it. Does anyone know which is the...
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    Best blow off valve on the market!!
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    K04 upgrade from APR

    I dont know if this is already known by the MKV community but I heard it on some thread and I had to make sure. N E ways here is the email I sent along with its reply. MEQuestion: I am planning on going with a REVO upgrade and going all out with the stock turbo. I know I would want to get to...
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    Body kit installed pt.2 (lots of pics)

    Sorry for the horrible wheather here in Florida. It gave bad lighting for these pictures and the car looks dirty, but im a man of my word and I promised by monday you'll see more so here they are. camera phone shot i forgot to add before
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    Possible SAMCO hose kit

    Could this be the SAMCO hose kit for our engines? Seeing that SAMCO has never said anything about the release of one yet I think this might not be it. I emailed the guys at gmpperformance but never got a reply.
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    body kit installed

    this is off my camera phone. i'll share this until i get my digi cam back then ill show better pics. enjoy
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    My 14.7 1/4 mile pass on VIDEO!

    I finally got the video formatted for you guys. the first one is the intro and ride to moroso and a view of the "stockness monter".lol. the second is the actual run and weigh in of the car. the car had a 1/4 tank in it and it was 80* fahrenheit which is why i only got 93mph. enjoy!:biggrin...
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    1/4 mile time STOCK (proceed with caution)

    as I said before I was going to take the car to the track again stock. I have a video recording of the whole thing but for some reason I couldnt get the video transfered to the computer:mad: but atleast I have a pic of the timeslip(14.7 @ 93mph). also I weighed the car with 1/4 tank of gas left...
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    Track night (florida)

    I will be at Moroso motorsports park this friday on May 19th to run my car bone stock for the last time. If anyone is interested in being part of the MK5 crowd pm me. I'll post slips and possibly pics/videos the following day. My car has broken in and feels really good right now.
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    help: Black Magic paint code

    all my parts are finally in and they're going to the shop but I just need the paint code for the black magic GTI. Thnx ahead of time. I promise to supply pics
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    A night out with the GTI

    Ok so after an entire day of detailing my car due to industrial pollution in my area, my friends called me up ad asked me if I wanted to go to the "hang out". I havent gone to one of these in prolly over a year if not more, but gave it a shot. Bottom line is that once i got there alot of people...
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    Yellow PolarG fog lights for MK5 for sale are the real deal. Will not burn your wiring harness like the cheap kind. I ended up getting 2 pairs by mistake and am selling the second pair for $60 which includes shipping. These bulbs are...
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    Check Your Oil

    It's my first turbo car and everyone has told me that these turbocharged VW engines burn up oil. Especially when driven hard. So I checked the oil when it had a little over 500 miles and nothing. I then checked the oil today after passing 1500 miles and I was missing half a quart! Just want to...
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    H&R sport springs installed

    before:barf: after:w00t: and a teaser:bow:
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    Magazine reviewer's got lucky once again

    My car is now broken in and I was going to be at the track tonight to run the 14's i promised with a bone stock 6 speed GTI. i know this car can do it and i was going to prove it. ne wayz to cut things short i couldnt go cause too many people called in at work due to good friday or w/e. so now...