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  • Hello Austin, Brad R here in PDX OR. I hope this reaches you and that GIAC still has a DSG program. I had become aware of mine shifting at 6800rpm along with a drop off in power before each shift...My DM K04+ tune has an ecu rev limit of 7100rpm and has suggested a higher rev limit for my dsg. Can I head out to TT and have Collin reflash my dsg with one of the higher rev limit dsg flashes?
    Have another ecu flash issue and was wondering if i could pick your brain a little bit. I had a bad ecu before, got it replaced, then reflashed. Now my car is totally dead. My dealer said they can tell it's flashed by the dealership number that's shown when pulling codes. Is that something that's changed during the flash process? It was under a section called "01- Engine Electronics 1k0907115AL 2.0l rf/4v tfsi coding long Delaership number 26657"
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