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    TTRS Brakes

    TTRS Brembo calipers and 14.56” OE rotors Sold ~12,000 miles on EBC Yellow Pads ~30,000 miles on rotors Compatible with MK5,MK6 and MK7 Golfs/Jettas and MK2 TTs. However, 18" wheel is required and will most likely need spacers to clear the caliper and barrel depending on wheel design. TT-RS...
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    Hubcap identification

    can't find anything on it either haha, now i want to know what it is. let us know if u find anything else
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    i think some members had pretty good experience with it, here is a thread on it
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    The Next Car Swap

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    A few pics of the new S3

    looks amazing! congrats on the s3
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    The Next Car Swap

    same happen to me a few months back..but mine actually dented my hood with a PDR dude pop the dent back out and buffed as much as possible....i think in the future when i get a new car ..i'll probably put on clear bra
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    The Petition To Reinstate Jeremy Clarkson

    x2, my wife loves watching it too...motorweek will probably put her to sleep
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    So... I got a Mazda.

    im so sad you missed our meet and went behind us and got a miata! =( but yea congrats on your new ride, should definitely come with us with your miata on our cruise and track days!
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    My 2015 STi has arrived

    amazing car man, congrats!
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    My new 2015 Golf R came in!

    amazing looking gauge, jelly of color MFD!
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    My new 2015 Golf R came in!

    amazing car, congrats!
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    MK7 GTI Lighting Lap time

    the mk7 gti has a better feeling steering rack, better power...yea can't put it down efficiently on a track but overall driving experience on the streets should be appreciatied
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    MK7 GTI Lighting Lap time

    there was another testing with regular GTI vs GTI with PP t5jVPZUXOYM GTI : 1:17:20 GTI PP: 1:15:60
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    MK7 GTI Lighting Lap time

    rofl, makes me not as jelly of the MK7. but Mk7 still overall a better car
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    4th Gen Miata/MX-5

    man those brakes are teeny