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    for the side to side, try pulling the cable out 2-3 threads out at a time and retest if you threaded into the assembly all the way in.
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    It is possible to do it without taking intake manifold off, I’ve done it and some other member done it as well. Have different long...
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    I did some shifter upgrades last weekend: New Dieselgeek Super Pin Dieselgeek First Gear Getter Dieselgeek Cable Saver Replacement...
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    wow thanks for your write up too, still waiting for the parts to come. definitely jelly of your lift haha, doing this on jack stands and...
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    Guess I’m going with these upgrades. Looks like my cables were rubbing on my downpipe and side to side cable got damaged from the heat...
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    you should be fine, i've done it for smog test when putting back stock DP with k04. as long as you stay out of boost should be very...
    Wow I have the same issue, weird thing is that I almost never use the sunroof throughout its 8 years. Guess I’ll replace it . Thanks for...