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  • ohh that i didnt have the problem with. i was referring to the adapter that u are holding in your hand in the 4th picture down on the original post, where the red and black wires plug into the adapter itself. I did not get them in the kit i ordered... But i found a pair on ebay for $10 so ordered them. Lastly the only thign i was worried about was potential glare frmo the HIDs, but looking at your post it shouldnt be a problem for my 09 jetta TDI. Did you end up having to adjust the beams ?
    Hello, i was searching the internet for some help and found this forum. I have an 09 Jetta TDI and bought the same (no doubt about it) HID kit that you uploaded pictures installing into your MK5 RAbbit. However, i ran into a big problem. In the picture where you describe changing out the connectors on the wire to plug to the lamp adapter, you hold in your hand the black piece that screws into the housing. The Xenon bulb fits perfectly into yours but mine has no hole in the middle and i have no where to place my xenon bulb through and that is the only thing holding back my installation =(. Can you let me know where i can find two of those black adapters for my Jetta or if there is a solution i can do by myself at home ? this is really agravating =// thank you
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