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  • Hey buddy, I just got an 08 GTI and live in South Florida, any chance you guys still do meet ups? I d like to check out what other people do with their rides and learn!
    Appreciate it
    Whats up finally log on but work dont let me see flickr pics...
    im going to borrow someones phone to check out the new wheels..
    Yea I rolled my frnt fenders. I was running a 225 40 tires and I rubbed a little in the front and rear with vogland springs
    did you have to roll any of the finders i'm trying to figure out how low i can go before i have to roll anything. i only have some 1ich drop springs on it and i want some 2inch drop spring you think i can do that with out rolling?
    yea i slammed it and then got a new 09 tsi red gti lol so thats slammed to but i did different wheels and my axis are now for sale....check my threads there should be one with the black one slammed
    do you have Axis Decade rims on your car? from you sig it looks like it..

    if so send me some pics i'm about to buy some.

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