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    Really strange knock from the rear

    I have a really strange, intermittent knocking noise coming from the rear of my car. Sometimes I hear it going over bumps or seams on the rod, and sometimes when coasting to a stop. Sometimes even when pulling away and letting go of the gas. It's not a clunking noise but rather sounds like a tap...
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    My trip to Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany

    JAJ Photography: VW Autostadt Took a trip to Autostadt last weekend. What a terrific place to visit if you have gas flowing in your veins and call yourself a car guy! A few sneak peeks:
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    Retrofitting hatch opening button?

    My car didn't come with the hatch opening button on the driver's door and sometimes I find I miss it when I'm letting people off, etc. Does anyone know how I could go about retrofitting the button? I think I can find the part numbers, but anyone know how it's wired in?
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    My trip to Tallinn, Estonia

    We drove down to Tallinn, Estonia, a week ago. I went down to buy a motorcycle and we also stacked up on booze since it's much cheaper over there than here. The weather was quite nice and we had time to see the old town. Check out the pics! A few more in my blog, link in my sig.
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    Cracked windshield!

    As I walked up to my car this morning to go to work I realized the windshield had cracked! There's a big stone chip near the passenger side wiper that started the crack. I guess the temperature fluctuation we've been having lately caused the crack. I have windshield insurance so it won't be too...
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    CREE LED reverse lights?

    CREE reverse lights on Ebay Has anyone tried these or similar LED reverse lights? How's the output compared to the original filament bulb?
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    Friend's GTI sounds like a diesel when hot

    I have a friend with a GTI that sounds like a diesel when the engine is hot. It's got an intake and a full cat-back exhaust. We just opened the valve cover yesterday but found nothing out of the ordinary. Also did an engine flush and changed the oil and filter, but the noise is still there...
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    A few shots from the 2011 Hannover fair

    Hannover Messe 2011 gallery on DPReview I visited the Hannover 2011 fair this week for work and had my D5000 with me. I think general shots of fairs are very boring, so I was trying bring out a slightly different angle and show people having negotiations, etc. This was also my first time...
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    Testing my new D5000 at a rally

    I got my D5000 last thursday, just in time to take it out to a small rally held near where I live. Here are a few shots. Mitsu Evolution exhibiting a typical AWD driving line Mitsu Evolution accelerating out of a corner, probably my favorite shot that day Ford Escort RWD sliding BMW e30...
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    17x8 ET32 Enkeis?

    Hey all, I'm looking at buying a set of Enkei wheels at 17x8" ET32 5x114.3. I should be able to pull these of with wobble bolts and 215 rubber, right? EDIT: The max drop I can get with coils right now is 50mm (2") because the FWD kits apparently don't fit 4Motions. I don't want to alter the...
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    MFD2 + Aftermarket back up camera?

    I found a few threads on here about people running aftermarket back up camera's in their RNS-510 replica headunits, like the 7608 or W6050. Is anyone running on of those Ebay camera's that mount in place of the other license plate light with an MFD2? How does the cam connect to the MFD2? Does it...
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    Retrofitted MFSW and midline dash?

    So, I retrofitted a MFSW to my Mk.5. My wheel is the new style with th phone and star buttons on the left. I can't change the channel or song on my radio with this setup since I only have the small (midline) MFD. Would it be possible to change the song with the steering wheel controls if I...
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    Time to introduce my 4Motion in winter mode

    Time to introduce my 4Motion, now in summer mode too! I think I've been lurking around this board long enough without a proper introduction, so here it is! My car is a 2007 Golf V 2.0TDI 4Motion in Black Magic Pearl Sportline spec, including leather steering wheel, handbrake, shifter knob...
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    Boost hose o-ring sizes?

    Hey all, I have a 2.0tdi and one of the boost hoses is showing a very slight leak from the joint. It's the one that runs from the turbo to the intercooler, between the IC and the plastic pipe. Now, I suspect this is the same size as the GTI's as the IC is the same. Does anyone know the size of...
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    Thanks, dad!

    So, last night I lent my Golf to my dad because we were working on his Passat with a friend of mine. We got the Passat fixed last night and I was supposed to bring it to work where my dad would pick it up and bring me my car. Well, this morning my dad calls me and tells me he had driven my...