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    New Catback on my Volvo wagon

    I read it. My comment notwithstanding, (and we're MKV here).
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    Movie and TV Recommendations

    Tales from the loop - Original Series - Amazon Prime ...and Goliath of course.
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    New Catback on my Volvo wagon

    Doesn't this belong in a Volvo forum?
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    @csumt , That map, Re: HERE is more updated than Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) I never compared the two. That being said, even "HERE" is not reflective of all the cases in my County of Florida as of today. It is from last Friday as far as I can tell.
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    Here are the two best maps I have found. Cases: Projections:
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    Ye Olde Smoker Thread

    You know you're getting old when you see automatic transmissions with paddle shifters replacing manual gearboxes in sports cars (DSG owner here) and automatic pellet feeding offset smokers replacing the traditional offset firebox Texas smokers. I saw my first pellet smoker on a TV special...
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    The bored at home / COVID19 / Working from home thread

    We are all shut down here in Pinellas Co. Only Grocery, Pharmacy and Phone stores open. All others have the "non-essential...until further notice's" posted. Most people here aren't really taking this too seriously. Monster pick-up, arrogant Florida Cracker mentality obviously. There are cases...
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    06 GTI, how's it look?

    For me, "I would definitely have the car inspected on a lift by a VW mechanic if possible with no skin in the game. " Are you mocking me?????
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    WTB MK 5 GTI

    This is a nice car IMHO. It's a 2007 so fsi (which I prefer) and it's clean. Prolly cost a grand to ship it to you on a carrier. I'd buy it myself if I wanted another car right now. I'm always looking though...
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    Looking for recommendations for SoCal shop - that can R&R motor and repair internal damage

    @GIACUser, I can't speak for southern California but in New York City (where I'm from) and here in Tampa Bay FL., there are a number of engine builder shops that specialize in refurbishing engines to like new (or better) condition (like a crate motor) and swapping them into cars with blown...
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    Ignition switch

    If you tied it on a string and dragged it behind the car, it might make a little noise and a few sparks...
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    Stone chips

    Since no-one has chimed in on this, I will. My Candy White paint has suffered some of the same dings as you are describing. The white paint is easy to touch up and blend in. I do it myself with a bottle of Rust Oleum "Scratch and chip repair" U5004C Universal Cool White that I got at Walmart...
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    Can anyone ID these wheels?

    @ GTI's , On closer examination, you are spot on. For some reason the relief looked closer to the face of the spoke in his pictures. These are the rims no doubt. But then you knew that all along! ?
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    Can anyone ID these wheels?

    The spoke's are missing the relief on the edges that his spokes have. Just saying. Close though.