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Question about revmatching

I bought an 06 gti about a month ago. First manual and I love it. I started practicing revmatching and I have a question. What's the difference between blipping the throttle and bringing up the rpms and holding it there as you let out the clutch? They seem to accomplish the same thing but everywhere I read says blip the throttle so just curious. Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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Well essentially its going to be a faster downshift if you just get used to blipping the throttle to the right rpm with one tap and timing it with when you let out the clutch. May take some time to master but i do it every single day anytime im driving and im downshifting.

I would assume that if you were to be trying to hold the rpms THEN let out the clutch it would make for a slower downshift just because i would see that trying to get it to the right rpm while modulating the throttle would be slower than being able to tap the throttle to the right rpm and timing it with your clutch.

Of course being able to rev match by blipping and getting it right every single time is definitely going to take some practice and may take a while to master but its the better way to drive imo.

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